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Turn Your workstation
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A Wellness Solution Designed For Your Day

Fitness, yoga, nutrition and stress reduction right at your desk.

  • Take a Break

    Desk Yogi helps you improve your health and happiness right at your desk with 3 to 10 minute video lessons taught by expert teachers.

  • At Work

    Whatever your style we’ve got you covered. Tailored playlists and reminders make it easy to create a daily routine that works for you.

  • When it Works

    Your time is valuable and schedules change. Desk Yogi is there when you need it so you can de-stress, reduce pain, get stronger and feel better anytime.

87% of employees feel disengaged at work

62% end the day with body pain

While more than half have a wellness “program”, 
only 3 out of 10 actually use it.


The Future of Wellness at Work 2016

“Sitting is the new smoking.”

– Dr. James Levine, Endocrinologist, Mayo Clinic

Sitting still for hours at a time is a serious health risk. Many employees unknowingly harm their health by ignoring their bodies’ need for physical breaks.

Excessive sitting is only a piece of the wellness challenge!

Workplace wellness will improve mood, boost energy, attention and motivation but only if used regularly.

Expert Teachers – Curated Content – 3 to 10 Minute Sessions

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Companies making employees happy with Desk Yogi


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