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Desk Yogi is the only personalized wellness solution designed for work life.

Personalized Wellness for Every Employee

  • Attract & Retain Employees
  • Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce Stiffness & Pain

Working at a desk can take a toll on our bodies. We have simple exercises that loosen you up and get you feeling great.

“Very helpful, I get terrible pain in my arm from mouse work. This feels better already”– Debbie S.

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Decrease Stress & Anxiety

A regular short break, of even 3 minutes, can dramatically reduce daily stress.

“Whenever I feel stressed at work, a short Desk Yogi break quickly calms and relaxes me. And I’m ready to tackle the next problem!” – Megan R.

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Improve Focus & Performance

Our expert teachers gently guide you through simple techniques to make you laser focused and on track.

“This helps me when I get too stirred up or lose focus. Afterwards, I feel calmer & ready to start again.”- Robin H.

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