Breath Work Basics

How would you define Breathwork?
Breathwork is defined as a practice in which the conscious control of breathing is used to influence a person’s mental, emotional and/or physical state. Breathwork can have a profound impact on the reduction of stress levels, quickly. It is best to develop a breathwork practice over time with a seasoned teacher. This is because breathwork has such an immediate impact on the body.

Why is it important?
Breath is life. WIthout it you can’t live. That is why a simple breathwork practice can impact your stress levels so quickly. It is extremely important to learn about how we breath and begin to notice patterns of breath holding and what we do when we are stressed in regards to our breathing.

Again, breathwork is a profound and simple practice worth exploring.

How do I get started?

You may have some luck exploring local yoga or meditation classes in your area for an in person breathwork guide. And I am sure if you explore the app store for android or apple you can find several breathing applications that can guide you. My apple watch for example has a breathing app that helps remind me to take that conscious and present breathwork session during a busy day.

At Desk Yogi we have several breathing exercises that can help get you started. I have shared one of my favorites that I love to do during the work day.

Desk Yogi Video Exercise

Breathwork For Distracted Minds: Full Instruction

with Anne 8 Minutes

When you are operating at your optimal level, you are operating on brain waves that are called beta brainwaves. This breathing exercise helps you be at your most focused by bringing you back to the beta brainwave state. Join Anne as she explains this phenomenon and walks you through the breathing exercise that helps you combat distraction.

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