“I can’t get no satisfaction.” Keith Richards/ Mick Jagger

How would you define contentment?


1. a state of happiness and satisfaction.
2. “he found contentment in living a simple life in the country”

3. synonyms:
Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction as the above definition tells us – he found contentment in living a simple life – sounds so simple. But as the Rolling Stones have shared for decades it can be tough to get satisfaction. How you get to satisfaction may not be so simple after all but living simply – you can get there.

Contentment is that unique mix of joy, groundedness, equanimity… a state of just being okay with how things are in the present moment.

4. contentedness, content, satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness; More

Why is it important?

Contentment is very difficult to achieve – it is the end result of cultivating joy, happiness, and present moment awareness. It is important to feel contentment only because it can show you how all of your hard work has brought you peace. When you notice contentment, a feeling of satisfaction, you know you are doing the right thing!

How do I get started?

In our self-care series we have spoken a few times about how to get started with meditation and having a happy work day… and the clearest path to contentment, satisfaction, happiness, and joy is routine, habit, discipline. Get started with a morning routine that gets you centered and present and lands you in the now. Below is an amazing Desk Yogi video that will help get you there with help. Enjoy.

Desk Yogi Video Exercise,

Clear Mind

Audio Meditation Series with Chandra – 3 minutes

Studies have shown that taking a break in your work day, for even just a few minutes, does wonders for productivity and mental wellness. Join Chandra as she talks you through a simple mindful meditation in this soothing audio session.

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