Daron Hope

Holistic Esthetician

Daron Hope is a Holistic Esthetician and Founder of EarthTonics, a line of pure botanical skincare handcrafted to inspire loving self-care rituals while stimulating the skin’s inherent ability to heal.

Daron recognized that conventional skincare treatments were often chemical-laden, harsh and ineffective, so in 2014 she opened the EarthTonics Spa, a sanctuary dedicated to holistic skin therapy, combining Daron’s signature formulas and traditional esthetician training with herbalism, aromatherapy and energy medicine. She and her team of therapists dedicate themselves to offering her tonics with facial and bodywork sessions that honor the integrity of the whole body and support holistic wellness.

Daron is also a dancer and longtime practitioner of Taoist Yoga, and currently resides in Ojai, CA.


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