Desk Yogi Challenge

You can’t outsource your health.

The magic in that statement is that you get to remember that its all YOU!
Precisely why we at Desk Yogi are here to support proactive daily habits, taking moments throughout your day for a conscious breath, catching a mindful article, supportive nutritious recipes, stretching, committing to better self care… so that you can be the best and healthiest you, ever!

By now you’ve tagged a few of your favorite videos but what if, at some point in this week, you clicked on an exercise that you might not normally gravitate to.
What if a whole new way of thinking about your well-being was revealed?

At Desk Yogi we support you in the creation of new possibilities of self care, and we know how that reflects in the work you do as well. So give it a try and let us know what you’ve discovered.

Author: Desk Yogi Team

A group of dedicated individuals improving the workplace one cubicle at a time.

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