Desk Yogi’s Mission – Better Your Being – has Roots in the History of Fitness

The ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations (2500-250 BC) recognized how regular exercise could help prevent disease. In China, Confucius encouraged participation in physical activity, inspiring Kung Fu gymnastics—a variety of movements that were modeled after the fighting styles of different animals.

In India, a greater emphasis was placed on spirituality than on physical fitness. Hindu priests developed an exercise program that followed their religious beliefs which, like the Chinese, also mimicked the movement and patterns of animals. Striving to unite and develop the body, mind and spirit, this practice eventually became known as yoga which has been in existence for the past 5,000 years.

The word yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “union.” Not to be confused, a Yogi, is an expert in the philosophy and practice of yoga. Not simply an expert in poses, a yogi strives to combine mind, spirit and body, to live life in balance. In fact, in a number of Indian religions practiced meditation.

So what’s the connection between the history of fitness and Desk Yogi? Desk Yogi is an expert in the philosophy and practice of workplace well-being and provides health and stress-reduction solutions right at your desk, on demand, when you want them. You can participate in more than 200 full video sessions on yoga, meditation and stress-reduction techniques. Historically, you won’t find anything else out there like Desk Yogi.

Desk Yogi is specifically designed with corporate wellness in mind. Think of Desk Yogi as a sigh of relief in your day, to help reduce stress, work out some kinks and get you back on track. It takes just a few minutes to do some focused meditation and breathing exercises—at your workstation—along with a few simple guided movements that can boost your energy and help you regain momentum. And what could be better in the middle of a stressed day with deadlines, meetings, emails and all the rest of life’s demands? Probably not a coffee break with a Frappuccino filled with caffeine and extra calories!

Desk Yogi is here to help you live your life in better balance. You can sign up for a free trial here. Better your work life. Better your being.

Source: The History of Fitness by Lance Dalleck, PhD and Len Kravitz, PhD; 2002.

Author: Desk Yogi Team

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