Health Is A Choice: Avoiding Desk Butt

Jacqui Burge, founder & CEO of Desk Yogi calls herself the Bossy. She is a wellness advocate and entrepreneur. She spoke with host Mark Sylvester about her startup, based in Ojai, California. She learned while working at that there was a need to provide online wellness in the form of 10-minute streaming Yoga classes that people could watch and not leave their desk.

“Sitting is the new smoking”

Her mission is to help people learn that health is a choice, one that’s easy to make including;

  • You have to actually feel good at a basic level to be successful
  • The story of how the company started, by filling a basic unmet need
  • What it means to do whatever it takes with a startup
  • Clever use of the Health Savings Accounts as an employee motivator
  • How to make a 10-minute exercise break on your computer the best part of your work week

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Author: Jacqui Burge

Jacqueline Burge loves to move her body. As the founder of Desk Yogi with over 20 years of experience in the fitness world, she brings years of practical skill and deep personal empathy to her teachings.

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