How to Be, Work and Live At Your Best: Week Four

“At My Best When” PDF Download

In the 4-video series titled “At My Best When,” you learned about giving yourself the gift of your attention.

If you’re going to be the best leader, best partner, best parent, or best friend you can be, use your At My Best When inventory to gently bring you back to center throughout the day. Specifically, there are TWO times a day to review your list:

Once in the evening, once in the morning.

Now, if you’re concerned about “remembering to review” your At My Best When mantras, here are two ways you can make it easier. In this video I’ll share a couple of things I’ve done in order to remind myself when…I’m at my best.

Be sure to download the PDF that accompanies this lesson and tell us when YOU are at your best in the comment section below.

Author: Jason Womack

Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA, provides practical methods to maximize tools, space, and processes to achieve a quality work/life relationship. He is the cofounder of www.GetMomentum.comand executive coach for leaders around the world who want to work smarter, think bigger, and achieve more.

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