Hummus in the Afternoon

During my office life at, we were fortunate enough to have a fridge nearby. I often brought in hummus and cut up vegetables on Monday and ate them in the afternoon during the week. It helped me arrive home after work and not have that starving feeling. I felt satiated and the transition from work life to home life was much easier – I could really land at home, be present with my family and enjoy the cooking dinner process. And even if I was going out after work I tended to make healthier choices overall.

You can make your own hummus, but store bought brands are really good these days. Cutting up vegetables is super easy – but you can find them pre-cut as well. Try a few new options like jicama or tomato to mix it up.

Have fun with it. I guarantee it beat out coffee and junk food every time for feeling healthy.


Author: Jacqui Burge

Jacqueline Burge loves to move her body. As the founder of Desk Yogi with over 20 years of experience in the fitness world, she brings years of practical skill and deep personal empathy to her teachings.

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