Kelly McGill, Ph. D.

As a coach and talent strategist, Kelly McGill has spent over 20 years working with teams at fortune 500 companies to tie golden thread around talent strategy and business strategy. With an inspirational and inclusive approach, Kelly helps leadership teams create an environment of inclusivity and partnership to drive custom talent solutions. Currently, Kelly is leading mindfulness initiatives at LinkedIn while wrapping up he role as VP Talent at where she spearheaded an end to end HR & talent strategy.

Previously, Kelly led Talent Management at Expedia, Inc. where she helped to transform how talent is planned for, sourced, developed and retained for a fast-paced global travel company. Prior to Expedia, Kelly was at Microsoft in several key global Talent Management roles and at T-Mobile where she played several HR leadership roles.

Kelly started her career on the business side as a network engineer and SAP integrator. She completed her technical certifications and Computer Science studies at Florida Atlantic University. As a lifelong student of metaphysics and the philosophy of being, Kelly recently completed her Ph.D in Metaphysics and Transpersonal Psychology, her dissertation was on utilizing yoga and art therapy as methods of healing.


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