Kick The Energy Drain Habit

Some people suffer from fatigue on a daily basis and often it is due to energy draining habits. Many do not know they even have habits that can drain their energy! To liberate yourself from feeling continually drained of energy, consider any routines and habits which may be robbing your vitality.

Poor Posture

Although lazy posture appears to require less effort, poor posture when sitting or standing will tire your muscles, as they have to double their efforts just to compensate for hunching forwards or slouching. The more you slouch, the more your muscles will have to work towards keeping your spine well aligned, which is simply a waste of energy.

No doubt this energy could have been better spent on a productive task or simply stretching, jogging or walking. Whatever it is that you do, you have to make sure to keep your head aligned with your body and your ears aligned with your shoulders. Failure to observe proper posture will make you prone not only to fatigue, but can also lead to chronic back pain.

Sitting For Long Periods

A new catch-phrase in the press is that sitting is the ‘new smoking’ and that sitting for long periods of time will actually take years off your life expectancy. While sitting may be a necessary part of your employment, if you are honest with yourself you will also know that much of your sitting is discretionary behavior. If you are a couch potato then you should know that it increases your risk not only of suffering from fatigue but it also adds to your risk of incurring lifestyle diseases and ailments.

It does not matter what you do, whether you are working in front of the computer, watching a movie, or driving a vehicle, find ways to stand and walk regularly. The longer we are sitting the more the body and brain moves towards a ‘resting state’. As a result, you tend to feel tired. If you take the time to have frequent invigorating breaks your body will become active as your entire system ‘wakes up’. Even if you feel chained to the desk, try walking around or performing some stretching exercises for a few minutes during your breaks.

Eating Sugary Meals

Processed cereals, sugary spreads, muffins and pastries for breakfast may give you a quick boost of energy because these foods make your blood sugar levels increase rapidly. However, after a few hours you will notice yourself feeling tired because your ‘quick-energy’ fix has subsided. It is far better to opt for breakfast meals that do not contain refined starches.

A couple of boiled eggs or some cheese on whole grain toast will give you sustained energy as well as more nutrient value. If you do not like a cooked breakfast other alternatives include whole milk on home-made porridge mixed with only a few teaspoons of honey.

Crash Dieting for Weight Loss

Although crash dieting can indeed help you lose weight, it may do little good to your overall health. Crash diets that restrict you to eating less than 850 calories in a day will give you feelings of fatigue and put your health at risk in other ways.

If you really want to lose weight, you should choose healthy, steady and sustainable ways. Rather than simply counting calorie intake, replace sugar-rich foods with nutrient filled protein sources.

Replace soft drinks with water – free from calories and preservatives! Your weight loss plan should not target losing more than 1.5 pounds per week.

The causes of fatigue will vary from person to another. Avoid doing all those energy-stealers mentioned above and start feeling the difference. Incorporating Pilates, yoga and other exercises may also help invigorate you and relieve some of the symptoms of fatigue.

If you feel it is necessary, consult your health care provider first before starting your exercise regimen. This way, your doctor can also make any necessary assessments to check for illnesses that could be causing your feelings of fatigue.

Author: Desk Yogi Team

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