Tip #1: No Pop Quizzes

Remember in school when the teacher would announce with an evil laugh, “We’re having a pop quiz today!” I remember that feeling of dread. That’s what it’s like when you ask a work-related question when a co-worker is at lunch or in the hallway, (i.e. not at their work space). Instead of “pop quizzing” the relationship make a quick note on your phone then take that moment to actually build rapport, and talk person to person. Follow this simple ‘No Pop Quizzes” rule and you will find that having deeper connections helps get more work done in the long term.

Watch the first of three quick and helpful tips to communicate in the work place and tune in next week for part two!

Author: Jodi Womack

Jodi Womack runs a leadership training company called The Womack Company with her husband, Jason, who’s also a contributor here at Desk Yogi. She coaches busy professionals in a program she and Jason developed called Get Momentum which helps members work smarter, think bigger and achieve more.

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