Pay it Forward

Each year, October 5 recognizes that with Do Something Nice for Someone Day. What a basic concept, right? But it can have a rippling effect. When someone does something nice for you, doesn’t it make you want to pay it forward, to continue spreading the good vibes?

This year, October 5 lands on a Thursday. For many of you, that means you’ll be at work–not always the easiest place to think about doing something nice for someone. Yet, it often means that is where it is needed the most. Not to mention, doing something nice for someone at work will likely have the most direct impact on your own happiness and wellness.

Here are some ways you can pay it forward in kindness:

  • Say a kind word
  • Hold a door open (even if you are in a hurry)
  • Wash someone’s coffee cup for them
  • Pick up lunch for a co-worker for no reason
  • Refill all the printers and copiers with fresh paper, even if that’s not your job
  • Lead your team in a lunchtime walk, stretch break, or quick Desk Yogi group session

We know all offices are different, so get creative! It doesn’t matter what you do, simply that you do something nice. Then watch the domino effect unfold. Your co-workers will feel appreciated, reducing some of their stress and anxiety, ultimately creating a more positive work environment all around. Then they will go home and love on their families even harder.

Before you know it, your one act of kindness at work, has spread into the greater world.

Author: Desk Yogi Team

A group of dedicated individuals improving the workplace one cubicle at a time.

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