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Wellness Solution. Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Boost Immunity, Focus & Overall Wellness.

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Desk Yogi helps you avoid burnout and feel great and is designed for use at home whenever you need relief from the stresses of life with short videos on fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition and breathwork.

  • 100

    100% guarantee you’ll feel better

  • 1M

    feel like a million bucks in minutes

  • 80

    80% reduction in stress eating

  • 40

    40% less likely to scream at the kids

An organized, structured wellness program when working from home.

  • Set reminders for 5 minute wellness breaks throughout the day
  • Dramatically improve your mood
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost focus and performance

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Our Teachers

Dr. Christine Carter

Happiness Expert

Danny Everett

Fitness / Nutrition

Jovinna Chan

Yoga / Breathwork


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