Raise your hand if you’re lazy like me

Raise your hand if you can spend 6 hours (or days…or months) putting off doing 20 minutes of exercise, even if you know it will save your life. Raise your other hand if your daily mind-body practice is limited to thinking about taking a nap in the fetal position under your desk.


You can put your hands down now. Take a deep breath in. You’re not alone. Exhale.

I’m pretty sure that out of everyone on the Desk Yogi team, I’m the least affiliated with yoga and meditation practices. Moving my body in general is not something that I embrace easily, and I envy (and, honestly, sometimes resent) the ease with which others can move, stretch, and glide mindfully and gracefully through their crazy work days.

If placed on a chart, I’m generally more active than a lot of people. I spent about 10 years as a long-distance charity cyclist and bicycle commuter, go through phases when I work out regularly on my Concept2 rower, and then at the age of 49, I starting running. A couple of weeks ago, I started using a Peloton bike every other day. But even when I KNOW that something is good for me, and even if I genuinely enjoy it, it’s not just starting it that’s tough, it’s allowing myself the guilt-free time to keep doing it regularly, no matter how well I understand the benefits.

As a writer/editor, the majority of my waking hours are spent sitting still at a desk in front of a screen, occasionally changing it up to sitting still in a recliner in front of a screen. Unfortunately, sitting has had much more of an effect on me than any of my physical endeavors over the years. Sitting has gifted me with chronic back and hip pain, and chronic pelvic misalignment. I have forward-head posture and arthritis in my neck. I have a great physical therapist and chiropractor that do their best to keep me straight and pain free, although, true to form, I have a hard time sticking to a regimen that would prevent me having to see them at all.

So, it should be no surprise that my New Year’s resolution of “do Desk Yogi” has had a tough time reaching ‘habit’ status. I have no excuse at all—like a member of most corporate wellness programs, I’m encouraged to take advantage of Desk Yogi at work, meaning I can do it at work, guilt free. Plus there’s that silly little fact that I work for Desk Yogi and am always yammering on about how we are each touchpoints for the brand.

Raise your hand if you have Desk Yogi at work and haven’t been using it, or have been putting off the January Challenge and realize February is almost here. Raise your other hand if you don’t have any more excuses.

Put your hands down. Take another deep breath in. Yep, we’re together on this, too. Exhale.

Here’s how I have finally started getting Desk Yogi into my days:

Just do the short videos. The short lessons on Desk Yogi are a life- and time-saver. They all take less than 5 minutes to watch, and once I’ve gotten the hang of them, they can take as little as 30 seconds to implement. Even if I can’t leave my chair, I can pull off some quick twists and posture checks.

Sign up for the Official Desk Yogi Members group on Facebook. This closed group is a place to share accomplishments, inspiration, ideas, and news. I’m one of the admins there, so feel free to give a shout out.

Get your coworker in the next office/cubicle/pod to join you. Instead of taking a coffee/donut break, take a Releasing Frustration break. I work in a remote office, and my coworkers are my dogs. They especially like the “ha breath” game.

Set reminders. There’s an app for that. Get the free Desk Yogi reminder app for Chrome. If you don’t like or use Chrome, set a reminder on your smartphone. Hate smartphones? Slap a sticky note on your monitor.

Mix it up. There are new sessions all the time. If you’re bored with upward dogs, here comes a crow pose or some dance moves.

Raise both your hands if you read this far. Now put them down. Inhale. Realize I tricked you into exercising. Exhale. Now get to work.



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