Tip #2: Set up your own status report

Stress can come from a misunderstanding of how much information someone wants to receive.

How much info does your team, boss or partner really need to feel like they’re in the loop but not bogged down with all the details?

When I took over our company and personal finances, I assumed that would be a huge stress relief for my husband. What I didn’t realize was that he still had our finances on his mind because I wasn’t telling him anything. What I thought would relieve his stress actually added it to. So I created our Money Monday reports, with just a high level summary of the money coming in and out. It was enough to let him let go and trust it was all being managed well.

Do you have a big stress situation stemming from miscommunication? Set up your own status report and ask your team what kind of info they need in order to relax and trust that you’re handling the situation so they can really let go.

Author: Jodi Womack

Jodi Womack runs a leadership training company called The Womack Company with her husband, Jason, who’s also a contributor here at Desk Yogi. She coaches busy professionals in a program she and Jason developed called Get Momentum which helps members work smarter, think bigger and achieve more.

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