Get reminded to take a break in Slack

Desk Yogi delivers fitness, yoga, stress reduction and mindfulness videos designed specifically for work life whenever you need a break.

Create custom reminders that fit into your work day. Integrate with Slack and you’re one click away from being fitter, better, stronger, calmer—at your workstation, when it works for you.

Here’s how to use the Desk Yogi Slack integration:

Step 1: Sign up for Desk Yogi. If you’re already a member just sign in to Desk Yogi and click on My Reminders then skip to step 4.

Step 2: The first time you log in to Desk Yogi, you’ll see option to take a short survey to receive suggested playlists. Click the “Let’s Go!” button.

Step 3: After you have answered the questions and receive your suggested playlists, you’ll be able to create reminders and then choose to be notified via Slack.

Step 4: Click the toggle to enable Slack and then click the ‘Add to Slack’ button.

Step 5: Select the channel you would like the reminders to show on. Typically this will be the Slackbot channel which is private to you. Then click ‘Authorize’

Step 6: Once you connect Desk Yogi, go to Slack and you should see that the Desk Yogi integration has been added to your Slackbot channel.

Now you will receive reminders to take a break with Desk Yogi. To add or edit your reminders, go to the My Reminders page.

Want to learn more about Desk Yogi or need help integrating with Slack?


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