Stacie Yeldell


Stacie Yeldell, MA, MT-BC is a Board Certified Music Therapist and received her degree in Music Therapy from New York University. After an intense internship at the Bronx Psychiatric Center, she accepted the opportunity to work with a team of psychiatrists to create and implement a Cognitive- Behavioral Music Therapy model for patients suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Stacie held the position of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapist at North General Hospital in New York City. She provided music therapy services in the inpatient Psychiatry Unit, the MICA (mentally ill chemically addicted) Unit, the Detox unit, and the hospital’s outpatient Addiction Treatment Center.

Stacie pioneered the first music therapy program at Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York for at-risk teens and foster children, a program that continues today.

At the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Stacie facilitated creative arts therapy groups with youth and adolescents within the New York School system. She also facilitated a music improvisation group for a homeless HIV positive population.

At Goodwill Industries in Astoria, New York, music therapy services were provided for the psychiatric outpatient population. Stacie has also facilitated workshops for female adolescents suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse, and has contributed to outreach programs in Costa Rica and Brazil and is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.

Stacie also received a certification in Sound and Music Healing from the Open Center in 2010 and is a Board Certified Music Therapist. In January 2015, Stacie completed a Vocal Psychotherapy Post-graduate training, which emphasizes the the use of the voice as a healing modality.

In 2014, Stacie’s transformative work at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles was featured on ABC News.

Recently, Stacie pioneered the first music therapy program at Alcohol Center for Women in Los Angeles and is currently facilitating groups at ACW on multiple treatment tracks.

Stacie currently provides music therapy services at a number of drug and alcohol centers in the Los Angeles area, including Cliffside Malibu, Soba Recovery Center, Engage, as well as at Demi Lovato’s CAST Recovery Center.

Stacie is a staunch advocate for music and the creative arts as healing modalities. She is passionate and dedicated to developing and facilitating creative arts therapy programs and sessions for individuals and organizations across the globe.


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