Tina Foster


Tina found yoga and meditation in the late 80s as a way to calm down. She’s a writer, teacher’s teacher and creator of numerous yoga and meditation courses. Her latest creation is “The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck”. Her work is based in her San Francisco private studio working with individuals and small groups.

Her workplace programs are often tailored to a company’s unique needs, and help employees worldwide learn to relax and meditate. Her corporate work with emotions and Lovingkindness Meditation at Gap, Inc. inspired this Huffington Post article.

Tina helps people find the meditative practices that fit their individual temperament and skillset, flow seamlessly through their everyday lives and grow along with them. Wondering what meditation practice might be best for you? Take her free quiz, receive a free analysis explaining the technique, what it says about you and a sample practice.

To learn more about Tina and her work please visit her websites below:

Foster & Flourish
Meditation for Non-Meditators


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