Vulnerability and Shame at Work

As a leadership coach and consultant, I often have conversations with executives about how to bring out the best in their organization. I always tell them that this can only be done if they are willing to bring out the best in their people first. This TED talk is mandatory viewing for the leaders I work with.

Dr. Brene Brown has done some amazing research on both vulnerability and shame. She states that, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of change, creativity, and innovation.” And that shame can keep each of us from achieving our full potential.

Watch it to see how these concepts relate to you and your workplace. And then pay it forward by sharing the link with a colleague.

Watch Video Here

If it resonates, I recommend that you pick up Brené’s book, Daring Greatly. Or enroll in her online course, The Gifts of Imperfection. Learn more at

Author: Britt Andreatta, Ph. D.

Dr. Britt Andreatta knows how to harness human potential. Drawing on her unique background in leadership, psychology, education, and the human sciences, she has a profound understanding of how to unlock the best in people.

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