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"Desk Yogi has made it easy for everyone in our office to feel better and be more productive in just a few minutes during the day."

- Kelly McGill

"Desk Yogi is a great reminder that two minutes can make a difference in focusing your energy and resetting your intention."

- Kimberly E.

"It’s amazing how such small movements in just a few minutes can make such an impact on my day!"

- Theresa B.

"Amazing that just a couple of minutes of sitting and clearing your mind relaxing can give you such a boost of energy and give you a whole new outlook to your day."

- Debbie C.

"This was awesome. I can see how being mindful of the food I eat will change the relationship I have w/ food and deter the “food shoveling” session in which I participate in daily. Fantastic!"

- Michele P.

How it Works

Desk Yogi is simple to deploy, personalized and private. We’ll launch your group in as little as 24 hours, create a personalized launch guide and engagement tools and support you every step of the way.

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For medical providers, we can provide full HIPAA compliance.

Wellness Tailored to YOUR Organization

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Movement tracker integration

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Fitness & Mindfulness Challenges

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  • $6

    Saved for every $1 spent on workplace wellness programs

  • 26%

    Reduction in health costs

  • 30%

    Reduction in worker’s comp & disability claims

  • 28%

    Reduction in sick leave

Lower healthcare costs & reduce absenteeism

  • 60-80% of workplace accidents are attributed to stress
  • $200 billion lost annually from absenteeism in the U.S.
  • U.S. companies lose $300 billion annually because of stress

Try Desk Yogi for free.

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World Class Instructors

Our diverse team excels in their respective fields. With a library of over 1000 video titles backed by years of outstanding fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition content, we’re dedicated to ensure your employees engage positively and take the personalized breaks that will leave them revitalized and inspired.

Dr. Christine Carter

Happiness Expert

Dr. Baxter Bell MD



Melody Khadavi-Delshad


Arturo Peal


And many others...


Sample Videos

Introduction To Stress Busters
Introduction To Big Breath, Big Life Series
Chair Back Bend for Your Neck
Neck Pain Fix

Live Events, Challenges and More

to support Work from Anywhere, and bring your team together

  • Desk Yogi Live
  • Monthly/Weekly Challenges with prize drawings
  • Choose your own challenge
  • Customizable Playlists
  • Find our what's trending
  • View employee engagement
  • Reward the most active employees
  • Know what's trending in your company
  • Get a list of the challenge winners
  • Access usage stats of employees
  • Create employee teams
  • View team stats
  • Cheer your colleagues
  • Chat with teammates within Desk Yogi
  • Bring your whole company together
  • Keep track of your streaks
  • Get overall progress data
  • Earn badges
  • Measure current week progress
  • Invite friends and family to Desk Yogi
  • Access specially curated video lists
  • Work on different focus areas
  • Enjoy content from 50+ teachers
  • Mark any series as your challenge
  • Set reminders to take Desk Yogi breaks

Monthly Wellness Webinar

Hip Pain Relief
Nutrition for work life

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